Gustoso Records is more than a music label, it’s a musical culture.

We don’t follow patterns, we blend deep tribal dance music elements with experimental and mystical sounds - that will make you fly away, but dance your way. No rules, no structure, just pure vibes. We combine folkloric rhythms  with a modern twist of electronic deep house, chill out, Micro House, Afro shamanic house & techno. 

Gustoso means: “with a lot of flavors”.

Started in Miami in 2020 by  Dj/ Producer/ sound designer Miss Dchamps knowing that something was Mussing in the music scene. Gustoso Records captures multi-cultural sounds, enlisting up-and-coming underground producers from all over the globe, as well as prominent well known producers in the industry; but mainly focused in providing opportunity to unknown, new talent out there.

“I don’t need a structure, I need sounds that make my heart beat and my body move” says Miss Dchamps

Gustoso Records is focused on  mystical electronic music, guiding it’s listener’s another dimension behind the present, but diving into the future with positive intention & high vibrations. 

We are everything and nothing...

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