Approaching music with a technical sense, one can only describe Leon Blaq’s sound as esoteric. A connoisseur of the drums, the tonality of his productions can range from deep and melodic to a pulsation of reverberating synths. 

With releases on SuperMarket Records, Nervous, Dirty Music, Vamos Music and Shake Recordings plus many more. Leon Blaq is no newcomer to dance music. He has also graced the decks at iconic venues such as Crobar, Webster Hall, Marquee, Pacha, and Cielo in New York as well as Kool Beach Club and Ultra Lounge in Cancun. He has also had the pleasure of playing at the magnificent Guvernment Club in Toronto. 

 Growing up in Queens, New York, Leon Blaq first discovered the club scene in Long Island at the tender age of 15. While many of his peers were busy contemplating over Geometry and Algebra, Leon was busy canvassing the turntables and digging through the crates. His melodic cadence has echoed throughout rooms all over New York and Miami, cross-pollinating genres to sire an anomalous intonation. 

Leon Blaq is one to traverse dance floors like a nomad roaming the hereafter. His hour long radio show and podcast, Infused Sounds just reached its 200th episode after debuting 6 years ago and he has been consistently slaving away in the studio wielding new productions. Stay tuned for more to come from Leon Blaq… 


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