TOLAX a DJ producer since more than 11 years, Tunisian born, Based in Germany,
Slow like the rising tides, TOLAX rode waves of sound that have been increasing more and more in his life since his early teenage years. Across the deserts of Tunisia, to Germany his love for sound knows no bounds. His unique ear for sounds was carefully developed during the long hours spent at his job in a local music store. He is now known to explore a wide array of styles. By the end of the 2000’S after organizing some successful open air (& secret ) parties, he began experimental mixing with select electronic music tracks , he knew that music would always be his journey.

Building a strong foundation in his previous experiences led him to a solid career as a DJ & producer improving his technical skills with sound equipments ,After those ?

years, he was still deeply involved in the alternative scene of Tunisia & Germany

primarily as a DJ, but also a host, stage tech, sound, and light festivals and raves. During this time he was lucky enough to meet with some influential techno artists like Richie Hawtin, heavily influencing his perception of music. After all this, there was still always a question to be asked; How could he bring his love for sound to the next level.

Inspired by DAX J , Paula Temple , ANETHA , P.E.A.R.L , Perc ... names of those he viewed as his forefathers, names he pushed on the dancefloor so many times during those long years, he took the steps and made something to call his own. Of course, this could not happen anywhere else than the never-ending vortex of inspiration in Germany.


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